Friday, May 18, 2012

Toonami is Back

So it finally happened. After years of fighting and campaigning, Toonami Fans can now rest easy. Toonami is Back.

Cartoon Network announced on Wednesday that Toonami would be returning to the air on May 26th. And we here at Awesome Anime couldn’t be any happier.

We’ve had our eye on the possibility of Toonami making a comeback for some time. Most recently, as a prank Adult Swim aired old Toonami shows and bumpers on April Fool’s Day. What was seen as half joke and half test run created considerable buzz online and in social media. (See our Post: Is Toonami Really Back?

No word yet as to what the new lineup will be. Personally, I’m hoping they throw in some classics along with any new series. Maybe a little Rurouni Kenshin… 

But anyway, Toonami is back and hopefully here to stay. So suit up and stay tuned!

And congratz to all the fans and Toonami faithful that made Toonami’s return a reality. It feels like nostalgia in here.


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