Friday, March 30, 2012

Update: Pokémon Plane Sighted!

A friend of mine was recently in Japan and while at the airport they actually spotted this Pokémon Jet! All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been flying these planes since 1999. Since then the airline has added a number of different airplane models to their fleet, all fully decked out with Pokémon characters.

Here’s the picture my friend was able to take with his iPhone.

This plane in particular has a super colorful design and sports a number of Pokémon on its hull including Pikachu.

According to ANA, the Pokémon theme isn’t limited just to the skin of the plane. Passengers on these flights receive a full Pokémon experience with fully themed cabins.

Headrests, flight attendant uniforms, food containers, inflight entertainment, and even souvenir bags given out on the flight are all tailored to Pokémon.

My friend said it was definitely fun to see in person. If you are ever flying in Japan keep your eyes open and you may just spot one.


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